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Get Cool in Cleveland

What comes to mind when you think of Cleveland? The professional sports teams? The Drew Carey Show? Well…there’s more to this midwestern treasure than just a few inaccurate myths and bad weather. It’s time to give Cleveland another go and get a real idea of what...

Keen on the Hidden Gems of Kansas City

Kansas City Missouri may not be on your priority list of cities to visit in the US, but perhaps it should be. This city offers frisky nightlife entertainment for singles, romantic venues for couples, and wholesome fun for families! Here is a look at 10 gems nestled...

10 Miami Hotspots You Don’t Want to Miss

Miami is a hot, vibrant city full of gorgeous beaches, stellar night life, and food to die for! There is something for everyone in this South Florida Metropolis and we have compiled a list of 10 must see attractions. From the depths of the ocean, to museums, clubs and...

Australia: This Place Has Everything

If you want to go on a shroom trip without the drugs and and tap into your inner carnie, then I have the place for you: Australia. Residing near the edge of the world, this place has everything. Extraterrestrials. Storms. Nearly naked people. Thongs… but not the...

So, Chicago is Actually Pretty Darn Cool

Chicago definitely gets hated on sometimes, but every city has its less-than-stellar areas. Hopefully after checking out this list, you will be able to see Chicago in a different light.   1. There are over 4,700 restaurants in the city. Resist the urge to drive...

10 Hidden Secret Spots in New York City

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. With so many sights and landmarks to see, it can almost boggle the mind, and you will definitely need more than a few days to explore this city.  From the Statue of Liberty, to Rockefeller Center, there are of...


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