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Enter the world of TipsyCat and his eccentric friends. This portal acts as a gateway to exploring topics, facts, gossip, and opinions as seen through the eyes of a bunch of quirky animal cartoons that somehow ended up living in the human world. There are no limits or bounds to what these crazy characters might cover in their stories, essays, memes or rants. Fact, Fiction, Opinion. You can find it here.

State Street Media,LLC inspires, creates, and grows multi-media integrated platforms and portals.  SSM enables people to connect over different cyber environments and share their opinions and stories.

It was a Tuesday night. Work had ended and food and beverage were necessary. Fast forward through an aggressive happy hour, several bottles of wine and 4 large pizzas later and TipsyCat and DrunkParrot soared into life.

Instagram was the initial platform for spreading the good vibes about memes, jokes and general hilarity but then TipsyCat hacked up an inspirational furball to form a site that allows people and cartoons alike to tell their tales and share their views.


TipsyCat HQ

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