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Many of today’s challenges are matters of the head and the heart. People think time and time again that they cannot achieve particular goals no matter how hard they work or train or learn because the physical limitations of the challenges are too overwhelming. Physical limitations, however, are just that…physical. Sometimes it only takes mind over matter to push that extra mile and achieve the apparent impossible and one powerhouse shows us this in the flesh.

Enter Kevin Levrone. Professional Bodybuilder. Musician. Actor. World Traveler. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker. This man is a jack of all trades and is now taking it to the next level in talent and dedication by coming out of retirement and training for the highly competitive Mr. Olympia competition, hosted each year in Las Vegas, at the age of 52.  To put this in perspective, the average age of the competitors is 33 years old. One would think that age would put a limit on what Levrone can do but he brushes such a thought aside and tells people to do the same.

“Age is just a number….we all age differently.” Levrone states in one of his video blogs. As he documents his entire training process on the Road to Mr. Olympia, Levrone truly commits to this belief. He shows it through his stringent workouts that rival much younger competitors, the highs and lows of the entire process and the regiment he instills.

Yes, professional sports are rarely forgiving of athletes at “advanced” ages but in the highly competitive and intensive sport of bodybuilding, even those at their prime are pushed to or beyond their limits. “I know people in their prime and they still don’t win. What does prime have to do with it? Where the mind goes, the body will follow,” Levrone remarks in a Youtube Q&A video to fans. This comes from a dedicated athlete who has won over 60 bodybuilding contests spanning the course of two decades.

Kevin Levrone is a body buidling champion

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Levrone shares that the concepts he follows are not centered around bodybuilding or sports but are centered around his core beliefs and personal practices he applies to every facet of his life. He shares these beliefs, anecdotes and feedback on a network of social accounts including Facebook and YouTube. As Levone documents his road to the Mr. Olympia 2016 competition, he shares the journey with his fans, friends, family and acquaintances alike in live chat sessions, Q&As, vlogs and more.

To see the raw and personal side of a professional athlete is a rare thing, indeed. Levrone shows every side of his transformation for the Mr. Olympia competition in addition to the psychological battles he must endure to ensure that he achieves this daunting feat. “Stay focused. Stay strong. Always believe in yourself,” he constantly his mantra over and over again as it guides him. This is one man who will show his personal side on the way to a professional masterpiece. Take a listen to his Youtube channel or his site for more inspiration. Because if he can train his ass off, you better be able to at least get your bum to the gym and eat some broccoli.

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