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The Summer 2016 Rio Olympics are just around the corner. Literally, less than two weeks away now. Despite all of the crazy news coming out of Rio de Janeiro, the official music video of the summer games was recently released.

Who is the lucky artist who sang the Olympics’ anthem? That “California Gurls” herself, Katy Perry. The tune is certainly a bit different from the cotton-candy, roaring teeny bopper that we usually know. Very soulful and will inspire anyone to get up off their ass and head for the nearest track. At least download it to your Spotify playlist ASAP. It’s worthy of a few listens….or a few hundred listens.

Aside from the music, the visuals do it justice. There are no artists bouncing around on screen. The music video focuses solely on the endurance and triumph of the athletes. It’s all about the athletes. Good job.

Check it out. The Rio Olympics Official Music Video is pretty damn good.

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