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It’s a rule: Hawaii does not allow pet hamsters. No ifs, ands or buts. Not even if little Debbie wants just one for her 6th birthday. The children might cry but it is for a good reason. Those little furballs can cause quite a problem if two get out on different islands in the state and start doing a bedroom dance.

Kiss and multiple. Before you know it, Hawaii would have to adopt the hamster as its national animal. That would be a sight to see. A sad sight. Hawaii’s new state animal: pet hamsters. Let’s stick with awesome turtles and fun fish.

Why the ban?


Pet hamsters aren't allowed in Hawaii.

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Hawaiian climate is very similar to hamster’s natural habitat. Scientists express concern that if hamsters escape, then they might establish wild colonies, grow armies and invade Honolulu. Well, not exactly but they could possible establish wild colonies, grow in population and then significantly damage crops and native plants and animals. The proper term for this is “invasive species. Hawaii has a very delicate ecosystem. The state takes great care to ensure that this ecosystem thrives. Even against pet hamsters.

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