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The time of the selfie stick might be coming to a close. Selfie drones are all the rage now. No longer does a person have to wave around an obnoxious stick to take the perfect selfie. Smart people who love selfies invent different variations of little robots who will shoulder that burden for you. In today’s world, robots and selfies work together to make sure your Insta is on point.

Year after year, CES debuts a ton of inventions like this to wow the young and old alike. CES intro’d teeny tiny little drones that are prototypes for big things to come. 2.0 ounces of plastic and sensors that float in the area to take selfies. These robots want to make the world a better place. It’s beautiful to witness.

Selfie drones take the wear out of acting like a complete tool in public. Let selfie drones make sure you’re in the spotlight even if you think that you don’t deserve it. Because you do deserve it.

Hopefully, this will also decrease the number of accidents that happen with selfie sticks. Selfie sticks are not evil, however, they can lead to evil things. So let’s make sure that selfie drones are here to save the day.

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