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Left handed people of the world, please pay attention. Brilliant new news coming your way. Recent research studies indicate that connections between the left and right side hemisphere of the brain are, on average, faster in left handed people. What does this mean.

Super powers, naturally.

Well, not quite but it does mean something for sure. Due to this faster connection in between brain bits, lefties are more efficient at carrying out tasks that involve doing several things at once such as playing computer games and playing sports…even if these activities do not involve people using their hands. These discoveries were conducted by scientists at the Australian National Universities. This means that lefties have Australia to thank for the news of their super powers.

Now all the righties out there can be jealous of that fact that you are faster and quicker at multi-tasking than them. Multi-tasking is one of those sought after skill sets that is actually damn near impossible to fully achieve but lefties have a natural step up. Time to be jealous, right handed people. The world will never be the same.



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