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JFK and the White House Correspondent Dinner. That is a political name and event that we don’t hear that much these days. Clinton and Trump are taking over the airways and digital channels on an hourly basis. So let’s keep in the vein on politicians but switch things up a bit. Let’s talk about JFK and his support for women’s inclusion in social events.

Time for a history lesson. Up until 1962, the White House Correspondent Dinner was only open to men. This ban is ironic because the WHCA’s membership included female members. They were more like honorary members. Cute but that didn’t make much of an impact. Many ladies were not fans of this rule, especially not Helen Thomas. This feisty lady was a lifelong news reporter and first female member and president of the White House Correspondent’s Association.

JFK refused to go to the White House Correspondent Dinner because women were banned from the event. This ended quickly when the club heard the president wasn't going to their shindig.

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At Thomas’s urging, JFK refused to attend the annual White House Correspondent Dinner in 1962 unless women received an invite. The protest seemed to have work because women have been going ever since. It’s a small act but women appreciate it. Thanks JFK…..and we know how much of a woman lover that guy was 😉

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