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Electrocuting chocolate reduces fat? Come again? Did I just read that correctly?

Why, yes you did. Thank you science for making something as great as chocolate even greater. Scientists state that when they run liquid chocolate through an electrical field, they are able to remove up to 20% of the fat while making the end product tastier.

Sometimes, you have to wonder why we didn’t think of this sooner? Well, it happened by accident….typical of the greatest scientific discoveries out there. Electrocuting chocolate reduces fat and we don’t think of that until it hits us on the head. Scientists initially sough to improve the viscosity of liquid chocolate so it wouldn’t clog up factory machines as much. A few different experiments and one accident later with electricity and you have a tastier, slightly healthier version of chocolate out there.

If this accidental success proves to be an economical success then this could mean big bucks for the chocolate industry. Americans already spend $21 billion per year on chocolate, making it the top-selling candy in the country. That number would only go up and up and up if tastier, reduced fat chocolate hits the shelves.

Before this tasty dream can become a reality, science has to do quite a few more checks into the entire process. It will be a little while before this idea is validated but it is something for the chocolate loving world to hope for.

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