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Yes, it’s a corgi pool party. Because #weekendvibes are nearly here. No need to thank me. This is probably the best thing you will see all week…if not all month. It’s a ton of corgis in a pool. Laughing. Jumping. Playing. In addition to make some killer moves on the slide. I don’t think happiness could be any simpler than this.

Add in rad music and some simple editing effects and you have a movie that you, your family and friends and even that hobo down the street can catch hour after hour. If you are stuck at work and feeling down, play this video. All of your troubles will be over then. It’s simple logic. Corgis make people happy because they’re corgis.

Whoever invented the idea of a corgi pool party needs to be given a Nobel Peace Prize or something similar. This type of video can stop wars, cure cancer and save kittens. Hear that…it’s a video about dogs but it has the potential to save kittens. That says everything right there.


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