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How many Americans believe in ghosts? 46% believe in ghosts. Boo. It’s not just ghosts but vampires, angels, possessed lamps and more. According to a Gallup survey, about three in every four Americans have some type of paranormal belief.  Yes, some Americans believe in ghosts but there are a lot of other types of unexplainable paranormal oddities out there. Types of beliefs included on the list include:

  • Extrasensory perception (ESP)
  • Houses are haunted
  • Ghosts or spirits of dead people
  • Clairvoyance or the ability to look into the past or predict the future
  • Witches
  • Astrology or how the positions of the stars and planets affects current situations and moods
  • The belief that some people have the ability to communicate mentally with the dead
Americans believe in ghosts and a lot of other crazy things.

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Aside from the above, the survey also found out that 42% of Americans believe that some people on Earth are possessed by the devil. This would make perfect sense for today’s political circus with Trump and Clinton.

Even though this study extensively covered a wide variety of different paranormal beliefs, aliens were oddly enough not included.

If we break down these beliefs by demographics, there are some interesting differences. Christians are more likely to believe in paranormal activity (not the movie) than non-Christians, 75% versus 67% respectively. This study shows that there is no statistically significant differences in beliefs between cultures, ages, education, race or region. It just shows that most Americans believe in ghosts or just believe in something crazy. Furthermore, all of this goes to show you how how minds work. Never stop believe.

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