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Great news. We’re using less water.

Congrats America, we have improved somewhat in our efforts to save the environment. We are using less water now then we did in 1970. About 30% of the country is dealing with a moderate right at the moment but on the plus side, people are withdrawing water at the lowest rates since the 1970s.

How could this possibly be? This seems baffling this water limits and different droughts make top news these days. Experts attribute the drop in usage rates to a few different items: new limits on water availability, new governmental policies, changing nature of different economies, new technologies that contribute to improving efficiencies in water usages and new management approaches.

By using less water, we can improve our planet's needs and limited resources.

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These techniques and practices in addition to the adoption of a new conservation oriented mind set have contributed to reductions in the amount of water used per individual. In 2010, Americans used 355 billion gallons of water per day; this daily rate is 13% lower than the amounts used in 2005. So overall, great improvement everyone on using less water. Give yourself a round of applause. This doesn’t mean, however, that we can stop the conservation efforts. Water conditions keep on changing and you never know if the world will turn into the landscape from the Book of Eli (Denzel Washington sci-fi movie… it.)

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