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Warren Buffett. The man of billions. But this billionaire wasn’t always rich as sin. He was actually quite poor for the better half of his life. Not all billionaires have to be rich young things. You would think in today’s world of tech mavericks and young geniuses, money would be for the young exclusively but the old dogs, like the Great Warren, still have the main tricks.

Why is this?

Warren Buffet is one of the original billionaires.

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Well Mr. Buffett….not to be confused with Jimmy Buffett, made 99% of his wealth after he was 50 years old. For all you young folks out there, there is still hope. But don’t go teasing old men who you think struck it rich when they were young. Just to put some numbers with this awesome, Buffett generated $62.7 billion of his $63.3 billion prior to that 50 year old mark. Now he can go through and tell all the people of the world how cool it is. And we won’t be surprised in the least when this happens. The WB deserves the recognition.

That is where the Big Buffett shows all the young pups what it really takes to make a billion or two. A cool $60 billion investment turnaround in later life isn’t all that bad. Maybe we can all learn that time is patience. But we probably won’t because we don’t know what patience is in the first place with all this technology around us.

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