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If you’re feeling really ambitious and need an challenge then take a trip on the New York City Subway System. This means riding the New York City Subway System to every stop, on every line. Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge?

Not many people do but those that can will be able to regale the tale to their awe-inspired friends over a round of free drinks at happy hour. This subway line palooza is not for the week of heart. Preparation takes multiple rounds of practice rides, intense snack training, several extended naps and the ability to speak to practically anybody that could potentially ride a subway, even that old dude in the corner wearing Beanie Babies as a hat. All of this training goes into the ultimate delight of the New York Subway System challenge.

The New York City Subway System challenge is not for the faint of heart. A person has to ride the rails to every stop on every line without a break. Are you up for the challenge?

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But it is not only riding the New York City Subway System that permits a person to complete the challenge….the point of the challenge is for a ride to complete the entire route in the shortest amount of town possible. The current record holder completed 468 stations at a time of 21 hours and 49 minutes. There are, in total, 469 subway station on the New York City Subway System but the record was achieve prior to the open of the latest subway station in September 2015.

There are three variations of the New York City Subway System challenge, depending on how one wants to tackle the rails. Here are the versions:

  1. Class A: traverse all lines but not necessarily the entire line. You just have to line bounce and commit to some of each line.
  2. Class B: all of nothing. Ride the full-system which means stopping at all stops on all lines.
  3. Class C: along for the ride but no stops. Ride all lines and pass through each station but the rider is not required to stop at each

No matter the variation, this ultimate subway ride takes dedication and a desire for getting a great story out of the entire adventure.

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