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Identity theft affects over 10 million Americans a year, don’t let yourself become one of them. LifeLock® identity theft protection can help you monitor suspicious activity on your account and prevent you from dealing with a disaster down the road.  In a recent report by the Identity Theft Resource Center, the following statistics can be found which highlight the headaches of being a victim of identify theft:

  • Victims lose an average of $1,820 to $14,340 in wages dealing with their cases
  • Victims spend an average of $851 to $1378 in expenses related to their case
  • 47% of victims have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of identity theft
  • 38-48% of victims find out about the identity theft within 3 months of it starting
  • 9-18% of victims take 4 years or longer to discover that they are victims of identity theft
  • Victims spend an average of 600 hours to recover from identity theft, sometimes over a period of years.*

Keep your mind clear knowing that you are protected with LifeLock® identity theft protection.  For a little as $8.99/month LifeLock® identity theft protection helps protect you with a $1 million total service guarantee and $25,000 in stolen funds replacement.  Don’t worry about identity theft any longer!

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