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How much Americas spend on pets is quite amazing. Holy Shih Tzu is the only, appropriate way to describe it. A new study indicates that Americans are spending more money than ever on their furbabies. Feathers and scales are also included in the figures. In 2013, Americans spent $55.7 billion on puppy chow, doggie costumes, cat-nip and more. This purchase amount equates to the entire Croatian GDP and $10 billion more than what Germany’s entire defense budget.

And these numbers are only expected to keep sky-rocketing. “People are pampering their pets more than ever,” said Bob Vetere, the president and CEO of the American Pet Products Association, citing spending on everything “from interactive and innovative toys to dog walking, doggy day-care and pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and airlines.” How much Americans spend on pets only goes to show what the future holds.

What Americans spend on pets might seem crazy but it is only out of love.

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The possibilities are endless. Before you know it, there will be puppy nannies and therapists and rattlesnake trainers and more….wait, there are probably these services somewhere out there. The majority of the dollar bills went to pet food and secondary to that was veterinary bills. Those fur babies need to eat and get some medical TLC just like humans.  Now all we have to do is have a national Starbucks type coffee cafe chain targeted to the animals of the humans’ lives and life would be complete. Remembers, what Americans spend on pets could be the new means of world peace. You never know.

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