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There are so many different ways to say love in different languages. For one, English needs to step up its love game overall. There are 96 different ways to say love in Sanskrit, ancient Persian has 80 words, Greek has 3 and yet English has one. What is going on here? There might be only one word for love in the English language but let’s think about how many different meanings that word has.

There is the love for a hobby or a favorite pass time. There is the love of that one food that you can’t live without. There is the love for helping people and giving back. There is the love for life in general. These types of love don’t even start to cover our emotional statuses for other human beings or living creatures. The ways to say love vary by the type of love and the type of person.

There are so many different ways to say love in so many languages.

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We might love our family. But that love is going to be different from your significant other, that one person in your life that lights a fire under your heart and arse. And both of these types of love are different than the love that you have for the fur babies and pets in your life.

Despite all of these different types of love, the English language only has 1 word. ONE WORD. Come on, English. Let’s get it together. Since people are always making up words for the dictionary, let’s make a couple more for the different types of love out there. There has to be a word out there to describe the love you have for your cat every time it hacks up another hairball on your favorite couch. There HAS TO BE.

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