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Why airplane food sucks might be one of the largest questions asked at 3am while you converse with friends about the great concepts of the universe.

Let’s not deny it….the majority of airplane food kinda does suck compared to grabbing a slice of pizza or a taco from your favorite corner food truck. There has to be a reason as to why the airlines want us to suffer as we travel at 30,000 feet in an aluminum tube through the sky.

Well hate to break it to you guys but its not that the airlines are forcing passengers to suffer. You can blame yourself for why you think airplane food isn’t the greatest thing on the face of this planet. Here’s the truth: Human taste buds decrease from 20-50 percents on flights. Combine this with the fact that humidity drops on average about 15% in the cabin which slows the transport of taste and smell to the brain.

Essentially these effects are the same as having a bad cold but without the sneezing and coughing and runny nose, Thank God.

So next time you get on a plane, do not blame your flight attendant for the terrible food. Blame yourself. And then have a good, hard look at your life.


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