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Werewolf cat. Yes, its a real animal and its as werewolf-ish as you might think. For all the horror film, Halloween loving cat ladies out there. Your dreams have come true.

The Werewolf Cat might sound creepy but they're super cute.

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Introducing the Lykoi. The werewolf cat that is taking over the internet. Due to a natural genenic mutation, this creature is confused as to whether it wants to go full-blown cat or full-on werewolf. Not that we’re complaining. The werewolf cat is a pretty badass animal. The natural mutation interferes with fur growth, giving the Lykoi a sparser, patchier coat of fur than its other feline relatives.

The Lykoi has been around for a couple decades now but breeding is a pretty new phenomenon, first occurring in 2010. If you love felines as much as you should after seeing one of these werewolf cat sensations, than hand over $2500 and you can call one your own little Halloween treat come true. Don’t resist because you never know which one might just go full werewolf on you.


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