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Topic: Netflix stock. Subject: WTF Did We Not Invest in This Company back in 2005?

We should be kicking ourselves. If you’re a junkie for investment learnings and financial analysis, time to get out the whipping post. Since 2005, Netflix stock has increased by 2,581%.

Netflix stock started out as the underdog but now reigns supremes.

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Proceed with slew of curse words from #%$( to **@($*!!@. If we had invested in Netflix stock back in 2005, we might be relaxing on some far-off beach, sipping mai-tais and having no worries in the world. Alas, that is not the case and the media streaming company has grown so much that “Netflix and chill” has become a household term.

To think at one point in the long ago technological pass, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings famously stated that the Netflix movie download service would be “underwhelming.” And now looks at it. History could not have been anymore wrong.

Back in those days, Comcast was the “safe bet” for investors but times have changed and Comcast is now the cable meme of the internets. If we do the math, Netflix has outpaced Comcast in growth by by ten times over the past ten years. Keep dreaming of those mai-tais and looking for the next great Netflix investment.


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