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Denmark and Canada are currently battling over a huge issue. An uninhabited island.

Yes, Denmark and Canada fight over an uninhabited island. Continuously and with no end in sight.

Because they don’t have anything better to do…

This battle has eluded public awareness due to its unique nature.

The territory is question is Hans Island, an uninhabited island that lies in-between Canada and Greenland (governed by Denmark). The island is 1.3 square kilometers, devoid of any trees and barely has any soil..essentially its a glorified rock in the ocean but someone has to lay claim to it.

Disputes between Denmark and Canada date back more than a century. Specifically the “Whiskey War” was launched in 1984, when the Danish Minister for Greenland landed upon Hans Island and left a bottle of schnapps there along with a banner that read “Welcome to the Danish Island.”

Well, the Canadians wouldn’t accept that at all…particularly with the schnapps. They retaliate with a bottle of Canadian Club and a sign that states “Welcome to Canada.”  Back and forth, back and forth. Whiskey then schnapps, schnapps then whiskey.

They’re still at it today so who knows where all that liquor goes. Somebody is a lucky bastard getting drunk off this war.


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