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Here is the Battle Royale of the Year: Cats versus Cucumbers. There might not be any rhyme or reason for cats or cucumbers for that matter but when you put the two together, it’s some type of odd magic at work. Who would have ever thought that cats versus cucumbers would be such a big topic.

Now the question: Why are cats so durn scared of cucumbers? Well for one, it’s not the elongated shape or color of cucumbers. It’s not even the fact that the cucumber is a cucumber. Cats are going to be scared of ANYTHING that is slyly placed behind them, just sitting there waiting for them to discover it. Cats are suspicious creatures at heart….and somehow they deal with our primate oriented antics. No wonder they have a low tolerance for bullsh#t. Or perhaps that is why they always give us the death stare.

Anyways, here is a delightful compilation of cats versus cucumbers:


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