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Back in 2012, scientists discovered a dwarf male Asian elephant in the jungles of Sri Lanka in the Uda Walawe National Park. Yes, a DWARF ELEPHANT. This is the first time that such a creature has been seen so everyone is a bit stoked, filmed the encounter and uploaded the video(s) to Youtube.

The dwarf elephant stands are about 5ft tall with a normal size head, trunk and body but with very stubby legs. Just because a Dwarf Elephant is pint-size doesn’t mean that he is a marshmallow.

Image via BBC

Image via BBC

The scientists witnessed this little guy battling one of his full-size counterparts and looked to be winning the entire time. This elephant has some major Kung-Fu power as he refused to be badgered and bullied. Through the last few years, the dwarf elephant has been seen various times and despite his size, does not seem to have trouble getting by.

By scientists’ estimations, the mammal is about 30-35 years old, Scientists did note, however that there was no record of this dwarf in the Uda Walawe National Park prior to 2012. They reason that elephants do roam large areas and probably spent the majority of his lifespan in areas outside of the national park.

We would all love to know this dwarf elephant’s back story. Maybe he’s a superhero in disguise?

Now enjoy a video of the dwarf elephant strutting his stuff and owning everything in his path.



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