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Jaguar + Lion = Jaglions.  This is not a biological blip. You can actually add a real, live jaglion to next year’s Christmas list.

Animal science once again proves that we lives on a pretty super cool planet. On April 9, 2006, two jaglion babies were unexpectedly born. Jazhara (female) and Tsunami (male) came as little surprise furball bundles of joy to the Bear Creek Sanctuary. The Bear Breek Sanctuary does not breed animals or attempt to create hybrids like Jazhara and Tsunami. All fingers point to the “affections” between the jaglions’ parents: Lola, the lion and Diablo, the jaguar.

Jaglions are part lion and part jaguar and extremely unique.

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Lola and Diablo had always been together at the sanctuary from their times in the nursery together to messing around in their area of the sanctuary. But felines grow up and so do their felines. Hence why the world now has Jazhara and Tsunami. These guys might be the only jaglions in the world and are completely happy and healthy.


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