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What comes to mind when you think of Cleveland? The professional sports teams? The Drew Carey Show? Well…there’s more to this midwestern treasure than just a few inaccurate myths and bad weather. It’s time to give Cleveland another go and get a real idea of what this city has to offer with this places and spaces to visit:  


1. Downtown Cleveland Library

downtown cleveland library

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Not just your ordinary library.  This library holds a secret on its third floor in the Special Collections section. This section holds so many incredible artifacts that you could be there for days or even months. Bookworms, you might as well rent a cot. You’ll be here a while as this place holds the largest collection of chess sets,  the honor roll books from WWII, and original architectural drawings from different eras. It is simply awe-inspiring.


2. Dittrick Medical History Museum

dittrick medical history museum

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From medical artifacts to recreations of doctors’ offices spanning decades and even centuries, the Dittrick is a fascinating place. Learn about the evolution of the doctor-patient relationship as well as the childbirth process in just a few of the exhibits so you won’t need your medical degree. Boom, problem solved.


3. Passport Project

passport project cleveland

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Stop by the Global Community Arts Center to travel the world through fine and performing art programs. These programs seek to eliminate racism and promote tolerance and acceptance through a wide variety of artistic means and interpretations.


4. Warner and Swasey Observatory

Warner and Swasey Observatory cleveland

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Once a spectacular sight, the observatory now stands in a state of decay as nature takes over the dilapidated building. It is still an awesome landmark worth visiting, though. Especially for the artsy photographer types.


5. The Haserot Angel

haserot angel cleveland

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“The Angel of Death Victorious” (aka Haserot’s Angel) is a life size bronze statue towering above the marble headstone of one Francis Haserot in Cleveland’s Lakeside Cemetery. The statue makes a powerful statement by itself but the black tears of the angel, however, truly give the sculpture an eerie appearance.


6. Land of the Warres

Eames Demetrios’ fictional universe, Kcymaerxthaere, has real-life markers across the globe. One such marker can be found in Cleveland. Definitely a must-see for all sci-fi fanatics out there.


7. Balto the Sled Dog

balto sled dog cleveland

Image via wikimedia

Ever wonder what happened to the famous sled dog, Balto? After his famous trip to Nome, Balto and his six fellow sled dogs hit the vaudeville ring for a bit but did not strike it too big. Fast forward a time, a Cleveland businessman by the name of George Kimble raised funds to bring the dogs to his grand old city in 1927. From this point onwards,  the pups and Balto lived happily in the local zoo. Balto loved up this life until his death on March 14, 1933 at the ripe old age of 14. After Balto passed on to the great sled race in the sky, his body was taxidermied and kept in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where you can see Balto in all his stuffed glory today.


8. A Christmas Story House and Museum

You’re going to shoot your eye out! Well, hopefully not. But you can take a stroll through this house that is a replica of the house in the film and even shoot a BB gun in the backyard.


9. Frozen Cleveland Lighthouse

frozen cleveland lighthouse

Image via pinterest

Weather phenomenon or Queen Elsa? Regardless of which you want to believe, this incredible ice sculpture was crafted by the brute force of Mother Nature.


10. The Percy Skuy Collection on the History of Contraception

From the normal to the just plain absurd, take a stroll through this interesting yet disturbing history to see just how far people are willing to go to have sex…and not have a baby.

Cleveland can provide any type of person with a wild adventure. From instructions on contraception controls to famous taxidermied dogs in a museum, Cleveland gives visitors and locals alike a taste for the chic, odd and awesome. This city is not to be underestimated in any way, shape or form as it holds surprises around every corner so pack your bags and go seek out an adventure in Cleveland.

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