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Cat backpacks have arrived. Praise be. Thanks to U-Pet. All cat-loving travelers can now take their cats on the road with them. And the best part of all of this is that fact that these cat backpacks come with windows installed. The cat gets to witness the wide, wide world just like you now.

Image via U-Pet

The inventor of these marvelous devices, U-Pet, needs to be given a humanity award or at least a ton of money. So “shut up and take my money” because this is going to be on everyone’s Christmas list.

The cat backpacks come in a wide variety of designs and colors, ranging from astronaut-loving to sporty to elegant. Cats of all personalities can get along with these bags. There’s a design and color for everyone. And cats get now pretend they are going to the moon. What else can a cat lover possibly want for their furball? So discard all other Christmas gift ideas, because THIS IS IT.

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