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Kansas City Missouri may not be on your priority list of cities to visit in the US, but perhaps it should be. This city offers frisky nightlife entertainment for singles, romantic venues for couples, and wholesome fun for families! Here is a look at 10 gems nestled inside the city that you can check out if you ever find yourself in beautiful Kansas City.


 1.    Elbow Chocolates

To start our tour of gems, we give our sweet tooth a sweet treat to try! Elbow Chocolates is store that will answer your questions of what heaven looks like. Wall to wall gourmet and artisan chocolates and ice cream!


2.   West Bottoms

West Bottoms isn’t hidden persay. But it is in this district of Kansas City that you will find a treasure trove of boutiques, entertainment, and amazing food! Go on an adventure, and see what you can find in the historic district of West Bottoms!


3.   C.W Parker Carousel Museum

Have a little guy or gal who loves to ride carousels?  Or just a little kiddo at heart yourself? Spend a day learning all there is to know about the most beloved ride in the world: the Carousel. The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum is happy to oblige on this account. From there, you will be the most popular source of amusing knowledge at the next 5-year old’s birthday party!


4.   Rainy Day Books

Authors like Stephen King are often seen at this establishment for signings and readings. Children and adults, alike, will fall in love with reading for the first time, or rekindle this flame in Kansas City’s oldest bookstore, Rainy Day Books And it doesn’t have to be a rainy day for you to visit. Just go and love all over it.


5.   Boulevard Brewery

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Feeling thirsty? 21 or over? Like unfathomably delicious beer? Take the tour and find out how this beautiful drink is made, before tasting its smooth amber goodness at Boulevard Brewery!


6.   Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

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If you crave cultural experiences like no other, a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is what you need to satiate your inner anthropologist. Walk and gaze upon 5,000 years of history  Draw creative inspiration from hundreds of time eras and artists and then set forth into the modern world cultured beyond words to spread your wisdom!


7.   Snow Creek

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A short drive outside the city are the powdery white hills of Snow Creek where you can tube, ski or board until your heart is frozen over in joy. Show off your board or skiing skills on the slopes, or simply have a fun time lazily tubing down the hills! Either way, it’s a fantastic way to spend the day.


8.   1920s Speakeasy, Anyone?

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Transport yourself back to the wild and raucous days of the 1920s speakeasy. This intimate and alluring establishment is the renewed retro hot spot type in KC now. Many of these establishments are scattered throughout the city and are the perfect places to meet someone new, or take a date for an adventurous, and sexy night on the town.


9.    Gangster Tours

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Last, but not least, a gem you do not want to miss, are the tours that show off just how gangster Kansas City was at one time. A bus tour to the most infamous spots where true gangsters conducted business, and had their showdowns, will give you a new and exciting story and perspective of the city.


A little bit of this. A little bit of that and you just guaranteed yourself one hell of a good time in Kansas City. It’s a city that spans from gangster tour guides to chocolate sensations. The name “Kansas City” might inspire images of cornfields and cows but KC proves to go against this fallacy by showing off its sinfully fascinating past and treasure trove of places and spaces. If you want a real treat, grab a fedora and head to Kansas City.

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