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Care to venture to the world’s largest city that can not possibly be accessed via roadways? Time for you to pack your bags and head to Iquitos. This city of 400,000 is Peru’s largest jungle town and a very important port city on the Amazon. Iquitos is located at the joining of the Nanay and Itaya rivers in the Amazonian basin. Surrounded by water on one side and rainforest along the rest, it takes a bit of effort for a person to get there.

Transportation choices to Iquitos split between speedy air travel or a week-long cruise up the Amazon by boat. Although the city is cut off from external roadways, it does not mean that the city goes without wheeled transportation. Motorcycles and motocarros (motorized rickshaw like vehicles) zoom through the streets like crazed bats.

Despite the crazy driver, Iquitos is quite the tourist destination. A couple hundred of thousands of tourists flock to the rainforest city each year for rainforest and the novelty of such an isolated yet bustling metropolitan. If you’re looking for a unique and laid back, tropical time, look no further than Iquitos.

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