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Documentaries will always be a source of information, knowledge and useless trivia. If someone invited you over to watch an “interesting” documentary on Netflix and chill, you might be in for something else. Regardless of documentary viewing locations, there is one documentary that will forever be the most sensational, amazing, WTF documentary of all times. This non-fiction movie is called “Cane Toads: An Unnatural History.” Think Monty Python meets National Geographic and you have the idea. It’s just with Cane Toads this time.

Middle school kids around the U.S of A and, perhaps in Australia, too get to watch this as a requirement in biology class for the section about invasive species. But these little tweens shouldn’t be the only ones to have the fun. Adults can too. Grab a friend or eight, a bunch of alcohol and make a drinking game of it (sorry tweens, you’ll have to do that movie review essay instead). This sensational motion picture featuring Cane Toads will make you one happy mo-fo.

This documentary has everything, drunk interviewees, fat toads, a plethora of Aussies, sex, biology, drugs made from toad venom and so much more. “Cane Toads: An Unnatural History” debuted to the world on September 30th, 1988. So you have Aussies and the 80s in one cinematic masterpiece. Bless the movies gods and the creators of this flick for such a delightfully entertaining bio lesson.

To further compel you to watch this amazing documentary, here is a list of reasons:

1. Cane Toads and What They Are

Image via

2.   Fake Sexy Time with Toads and Scientists

Image via

3.    How to Get High from Cane Today Venom

Image via


4.   Horribly, Apparent Drunk Aussie Accents

Image via

5.   Power Struggles Against the Toad

6.   Grimy 1980s documentary footage

Image via

7.   How Toads are Perfect Pets for Toddlers

Image via

Because nothing says play-time for tots like poisonous amphibians.


8.   The Entire Documentary is on Youtube – Free Ninety, Yo

Image via

Cash money, yo! Well, not really but still it’s free, amazing entertainment for you and your mates.


9.   It’s Like “Jaws”but Worse and In the OutBack

Image via CBS

Now just imagine that the shark is a giant toad and you’ll get an idea of where this movie is going.

10.   1980s Aussie Fashion

Image via

Those glasses alone are enough to sell me on toads and Australia and the 1980s.


There’s just too much to see in this documentary to state. It’s one of those must see, can’t explain situations. Let’s just say this, once you listen to the CUSTOM musical score to the documentary entitled “Cane Toad Blues,” you will forever cherish this off-the-wall documentary as a fundamental of your entertainment collections.

Who would have thought that Cane Toads would possible bring this much laughter and hilarity into people’s lives.

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