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YASSSSS. This is huge news for any 1990s caffeine loving, soda appreciating addict. Surge is back. THANK YOU Coca-Cola. Following an extremely successful year-long test on, the Surge team is rolling out physical distribution of the memorable lemon-lime bliss in select locations throughout the Southeast, Midwest and in the Great Lakes. To find out specifically where these morsels will pop up, visit

Thanks to three random twenty-something year old dudes who founded the Surge Movement on Facebook, Coca-Cola finally heard the call and pleas of Surge’s cult fan base. Coca-Cola founded the unique partnership with in 2014 to see if Surge really did have legs in today’s caffeinated market as some many suggested it would. Come to find out, for once the masses were right. Surge lives on. And it’s a beautiful reunion.

Just give it a few months and people will be literally bouncing off the walls in sheer happiness now that this bright green creation is back in their lives. It’s for the oldies and for the newbs. Thanks to Surge Movement and the freakishly fast speed of social media, the drink is seeing a huge increase in popularity and demand through the younger peeps. “It’s like totally something new, obvi,” seems to be the mantra of the youngins today. No matter what the slogan of might be, Surge is back and all people need to rejoice in this very happy moment. Praise, Coke.

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