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Chicago definitely gets hated on sometimes, but every city has its less-than-stellar areas. Hopefully after checking out this list, you will be able to see Chicago in a different light.


1. There are over 4,700 restaurants in the city.

Resist the urge to drive through Taco Bell with so many other culinary establishments in the city.


2. You can find more than 8,100 acres of green land in Chicago.

Image via flickr

Those 8,100 acres include 580 parks and 26 beaches. Yes, beaches!


3. Get your spandex on!

Chicago is home to 225+ miles of bike lanes and 13,000 bike racks.


4. “The Windy City” isn’t its only nickname.

Image via Wikimedia

Other nicknames include “The City of Big Shoulders” and “The City that Works.”


5. In 1900, Chicago did the unimaginable; it reversed the flow of the Chicago River so that it flowed south instead of north.

That’s just an insane thought.


6. In 1885, the Home Insurance Company, the world’s first skyscraper was erected.

Image via Wikimedia

…and they just kept growing from there.


7. Stagg Field at the University of Chicago may not have been the site of any outrageous football games, but something even more important happened here.

Image via

The first atom split occurred under the football stands. This split made the invention of the atom bomb and nuclear power possible.


8. If you want to do a Route 66 road trip, you will need to go to the very beginning of Route 66 at Grant Park.

Image via

Then take it the whole way to the Santa Monica Pier in LA!


9. The elevators in the Sears Tower run as fast as 1,600 feet per minute.

Image via Wikimedia

That makes them some of the fastest elevators in the world. Good thing or it would take an eternity to reach the 110th


10. If art is your thing, but you don’t want to fly to Paris, just hop on over to Chicago.

Image via

The Windy City is the home to the largest collection of Impressionist paintings outside of Paris.

There you have it… Chicago is rad! Maybe if you head out during Lollapalooza you can see an awesome city and an awesome festival.  Win-win right there people.

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