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Guys….GUYS….this is huge. Our long awaited cereal dreams are finally coming true: General Mills is having a contest for some favorable souls to win a box of MARSHMALLOW ONLY Lucky Charms. We all remember the days of digging for marshmallow goodness through the grainy cereal shizzle of Lucky Charms on Saturday mornings while we watched Looney Toons and got high off Sunny-D. Glory was ours when we would find the marshmallows and eat only those while leaving 90% of the cereal uneaten. Our parents would complain and question why they bought Lucky Charms for us but it wouldn’t matter, they’d keep on buying the good stuff.

During these times, we would wonder why the Lucky the Leperchaun wouldn’t bestow a box of marshmallows only Lucky Charms on the world. The stuff could seriously stop wars. And now it has occurred. Check out the details to see how you can possibly win this awesomeness. If you do win, you owe us marshmallows until we can’t move.

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