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Miami is a hot, vibrant city full of gorgeous beaches, stellar night life, and food to die for! There is something for everyone in this South Florida Metropolis and we have compiled a list of 10 must see attractions. From the depths of the ocean, to museums, clubs and more, get the most out of your adventure and visit them all.


1. Nestled on the ocean bed, off the coast of Miami and Biscayne Key, is the largest manmade reef in the world.

Known as Neptune Memorial Reef, this wonderous place is not only home to beautiful creations and sea life, but also the resting place of loved ones who opted for a “green burial.”


2. Using handmade tools, and a lot of grit, the Coral Castle Museum is a masterpiece of one man’s dedication to his craft.

An entire castle and grounds built with nothing but 1100 pounds of coral is a sight everyone needs to see and appreciate!


3. Miami is more than the city on the panhandle of America, it is also comprised of the Venetian Islands.

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This is a set of artificial islands that offer beautiful views of the surrounding ocean, and even more fun!


4. Did you see the latest Dirty Dancing movie, Havana Nights? Get a taste of it for yourself when you visit the famous Cuban neighborhood, Little Havana.

Peruse Cuban shops, and eat delicious Cuban food, with a finale of Latin Dancing to make the experience complete!


5. Want to add a little culture to your trip? Check out Bass Museum of Art.

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This exquisite facility is filled with contemporary art pieces, and also offers classes, lectures, and concerts. Look out for their educational family days if you’re out with the kids.


6. A gilded age, European inspired mansion that dates back to the early 1900s, has become a landmark in the Miami area.

One look at Viz Caya Museum & Ground’s magical gardens, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views, and you too will understand why this is a have to see place.


7. Of course Miami is known for its wet and wild beaches, however…

If you’re looking for a cozy quiet spot to visit, look no further than Bal Harbour Beach just North of Miami Beach. The mile long jogging trail offers a tranquil way to exercise.


8. After all the adventuring through the city, you will definitely want to stop for a delicious meal.

We suggest a quick stop to take your taste buds on an adventure at the Bali Café. This Indonesian restaurant offers big flavors at reasonable prices!


9. We can’t complete the list without mentioning the extremely active nightlife in Miami.

If you feel like trying your luck and happen to gain access to clubs like the Liv Nightclub, it promises to be a luxurious night you will never forget. Just don’t forget to check the bank before you walk in.


10. Lastly, take one last trip to another famous stretch of beach known as South Beach.

Beautiful waters, cool art deco buildings, and more party than you’ll know what to do with!

These Miami hotspots offer uniques experiences, culture, and of course lots of fun.  Whether you’re heading to Miami for a visit or a local looking to explore new spots, check these places out, you will not be disappointed!

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