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New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. With so many sights and landmarks to see, it can almost boggle the mind, and you will definitely need more than a few days to explore this city.  From the Statue of Liberty, to Rockefeller Center, there are of course the typical New York City landmarks to see.  However, here some hidden gems you might want to check out just to make your trip even more memorable.


1. Pratt University Steam Plant

If you are a lover of the steam punk persuasion, or simply have a fascination with the good old days, the visit the Pratt University Steam Plant. This steam powered electrical power plant is an impressive and historical site to behold. Be transported back to 1887.


2. The Grave of Harry Houdini

Image via Wikimedia

Feeling adventurous and want to visit the final resting place of most famous magician of all time? Then head out to Queens to find the grave of Harry Houdini.


3. City Hall Subway Station

Image via Wikimedia

Visiting a subway station may not sound like much, but visiting the architectural beauty of City Hall Subway Station is a little different. This abandoned station has old time charm and elegance, and really is a sight to see.


4. 620 Loft and Gallery

Image via

When you’re looking at the skyscrapers in NYC, and feel the sheer awe of it all, you might be surprised to learn of beautiful gardens that rest atop a few of them. One such garden sits on top of 620 Loft and Gallery on beautiful 5th


5. The Earth Room on 141 Wooster Street

Image via Yelp

While on your trip, you might see all of the concrete and feel that you need to reconnect with the earth. Well you’re in luck, just pop over to the Earth Room on 141 Wooster Street, and see this amazing art installation.


6. African Burial Ground

Image via Wikimedia

If you want to see a haunting and sacred space that was from the times of slavery, rediscovered in the 1990’s, then visit the African Burial Ground. The 6 acres located in lower Manhattan, is the resting place of some 20,000 African Americans who were slaves in the 1690s to late 1700s.


7. City Reliquary Museum

Image via Groupon

Wanting a unique look at the history of NYC? Cross over to Brooklyn and see the City Reliquary Museum for a whole new perspective. Telling the stories of the city through trinkets, hand drawn art, toys, and more.


8. The Paley Center

Image via Wikimedia

Some museums tell the stories of history through sculpture, paintings, and artifacts. The Paley Center for Media is a museum for the modern age telling our modern history through radio, television, movies, and more!


9. The Berlin Wall… in NYC?

Image via Wikimedia

Reagan may have gotten Russia to tear down the Berlin Wall, but there are still pieces of it right in Midtown in NYC. Check it out the history at 520 Madison Avenue.


10. The World Trade Center Sphere

Image via Wikimedia

An old sight in New York, with a new home, now has a somber history. The World Trade Center Sphere that once sat between the two infamous buildings, miraculously survived 9/11. It has since been moved to Battery Park.

The city that never sleeps, never runs out of amazing sights and attractions. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to really see the city, you will not be disappointed by any stops on this list.

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